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Blue Line Defense and Fitness Program Packages

Weight Management & Fitness Equipment  use only $80 per month, 
Great Discount for (3)-Months $165.00
Paid in Advance and Non-Refundable --- Use it or lose it!

Your Program Contract starts on the day you sign-up.   Also you must renew 10 days before the 3rd month expires to save sign fees charge if any.

(Student are 5 years old to 16 years old) - Just $25.00 for Gym Equipment Use ONLY!!

  Equipment Use Cost  are discounted to $25.00 per month with all  Packages

Western Style Boxing, Hapkido, Tae-Kwan-Do, Kick Boxing

Training will includes "One on One and Group

 FOR $180 per mth. includes One 1-Hr Sessions per week max 4 per month
FOR $255 per month includes Two 1-Hr Session per week max 8 per month


From $85 per hour session
 $800 a month for 16 one hour sessions ....  (3-Month Program is Recommended)

All Martial Art and Training Package must be paid up front in Advance

LOCKER RENTALS are limited but if needed they are  $10 a month

FREE TRIALS? If you wanted to try out the gym for a day,  you will have to pay the Gym's Day Fee of $15 (+tax). If you join on the same day you will be credited towards your cost of joining. Only for Gym equipment use only.


All members must be 18 years of age or older.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE: School sponsored program's, Students, City Employee's.
Please come in and inquire

Individual Membership
Individual membership includes use of all facilities and classes. 3-Month Paid in Full Members (Non -Refundable)
Personal trainers available for an extra fee. Box Ring use is extra!

Corporate Memberships
A healthy and energized workforce will improve productivity and overall satisfaction. A corporate membership is an inexpensive benefit that you can offer employees. 3-Month Paid in Full Members (Non -Refundable) With a 10% 5 or more that sign up at the same time.

Personal Power Pack
Includes all the benefits of an idividual membership, with the added bonus of a personal trainer for three, one hour sessions per week. A specialized program is developed for you. A Personal trainer will be e assigned to you depending on your specific needs. A great way to maximize results!

Weight Watchers Discount
Must prove to be a active member of weight watcher or under a doctor direction

Senior Citizens Plan

Maybe limited to visits to the club or discounted only available to those 65 years and older. Maintain your energy and health with our program tailored to seniors, age 65 and up. Includes an individualized program and support.

Lunch Time Membership: 11:am to 2:PM Just $25.00 per month use of equipment only