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1. Do you have beginner only boxing classes or do all levels train together? Yes we offer all levels of Western Style Boxing. Our Intructional Trainers are all either certified or professional boxers in their own right. As a beginner you learn all of the basics of boxing and gradually start doing drills. All members work together to help beginners feel comfortable as they learn.

2. Do I need any previous experience in Boxing or Tte other Styles of Self-Defense in order to take classes? No prior experience or athletic background is needed to join us. At Blue Line Defense and Fitness we will teach you all of the skills you need from the ground up.

3. Do I need to wait until the beginning of a new month to start? You can start any time. Our classes are set up so that a beginner can come in and begin right away in any of the classes that we offer.

4. What type of equipment do I need? Boxing classes require a pair of gloves and hand wraps which can be purchased at our gym on your first visit.  Gear can be purchased online, but are not required at the start of the class.

5. My child is being bullied. Can they learn the confidence to stand up for themselves by taking your classes? The youth Bully Program is designed to help kids become stronger, and learn the art of Self-defense. It will provide them with the  Physical and Mental skills needed to overcome their adversaries.

6. I would like to learn how to box, but I am afraid of getting hurt. At Blue Line Defense and Fitness our focus is on two goals. The first goal is extreme conditioning and the second focuses on learning the skills and techniques of Boxing, and/or Self Defense. All our body movements and fluid Body Motions in our instructional programs of all our  Martial Art  styles is only Light Contact, with all the proper body protection needed for your training.  As with any sport or physical training, there is always a risk of injury involved.

7. Do you have an open gym membership? Can I come anytime I want? Yes we do have cardio equipment and pin selectorized equipment and free weights . But our private training and semi-private group training under the guidance of a trainer is just  a fraction of the cost of private training which will gain you physical benefits all around without the boredom of a typical gym.

Our Services

We are proud to offer private and group classes. Our personal trainers are highly skilled and Certified or Retired Pro's.

Some of our featured classes include:

Cardio Endurance

This fun focus on cardio endurance combines traditional and current technique to support a healthy lifestyle. Truly get into shape with cardio! Includes warm-up and cool-down to maximize results. 45 minutes.

Cross Training
Combine cardio and strength training for a complete balanced approach to getting into shape and staying fit. Cross training uses selected equipment to achieve outstanding results. Includes weights, bikes, step, balls, and bands. Beginners welcome.

Boxing Clinics and Lessons
This low-impact approach to exercise will have you enjoying your class so much, you won't even know its exercise. Heavy Bags, Speed Bags, Sparing with a Pro!

Strength Training
Get stronger today. Great counterpart to individual strength training. Improves flexibility and circulation. Variety of methods is used to support healthy muscle development.

Workout with a Personal Trainer?

Below are just a few reasons:

       Maximize your time while helping you stay within your own limits

       Fresh perspective Motivate you to push past those self-imposed limits.

       Challenge yourself more than you would on your own.


       You Have a Specific Illness, Injury or Condition

       Training for a Sport or Event