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 My name is Mike Fusco
I have been into health and fitness most of my personal and professional life.
I have owned and operated health clubs for over 10 years.
  I love staying healthy and defensively fit. Most of all, I love making others the same.
So I came up with this special and unique training and fitness club!

Blue Line Defense and Fitness

My goal is to meet the needs of the anyone that wants to learn how to get healthy and fit
 the Art of Self Defense.

We offer the best Anti-Bully Program in the area.   Bulling Extends way past the fence of the School Property.
Bullying is defined as verbal or physical behavior designed to disturb someone less powerful. Attacks can include spreading rumors, making sexual comments or gestures, or belittling someone about religion, race, looks or speech, in addition to the commonly recognized behavior of hitting, slapping, or pushing.
Our Program is designed to build self-esteem and good character in our youngsters. 

Our personal trainers will be attentive and supportive offering  private instruction one on one or group classes.
They will provide the guidance and motivation needed for the individual, in achieving their fitness goals.

Blue Line Defense and Fitness assures you a great and challenging learning experience!

We have a state of the art 20x20 professional boxing-ring and a grappling mat area with a separate
area for cross type fitness. We have a plenty of the right strength equipment to keep you strong and fit.

At Blue Line Defense and Fitness we offer great personal training programs that no other gym can offer.  We use our experience in Western Boxing, Hapkido< Tea Kwan Do and Kick Boxing  martial arts to offer an extremely challenging training session by utilizing the hard conditioning exercises that Professional Athletes use to get in a superior condition!
We design a programs that offers the best of both worlds

If you are concerned with your weight or any type of health issues, we are here to get you healthy and fit.

What we will offer you will be a life changing experience!

Blue Line Defense and Fitness, LLC
310-4th. Street
Ewing, New Jersey 08638